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Families Who Farm


What started out as a passion project in 2017 is now turning into so much more than I expected. I started this project with the dream of photographing local farmers and ranchers doing their day to day chores, ‘a day in the life’. I wanted to document what so many people just don’t see every day. Eventually the goal was to publish the images I took and create a coffee table book. (Still working on that…stay tuned) But during this process I realized my images and my relationship with these farmers and ranchers were more than I could have imagined. I soon realized with the express from those I photographed how much my images were helping tell their stories to the world through social media. By having nice professional quality images with attention to the smallest details helped capture the attention of their followers and gave the “wanting to know more” about them it made more people want to support their farm as a business. SO here I am a few years later now finally opening up special packages just for farmers and ranchers. I want to help tell your story and get it out to the world using my images. In today’s visionary world it is so important to have nice images. Whether you use them on your website, social media accounts, business tools, or even just for your personal records so you can look back on years to come. I want to take this passion of mine and help you take your lifestyle to the next level.

Everyone has a unique story and trust me as a photographer I know how hard it is to get yourself into the image because after all I am part of my family’s story but I often am the one capturing it for my kids, husband and our small startup farm. If I am in an image it’s because I took a selfie to get it. But don’t be me…let me help you by putting you into the frame with your family and team to show how hard you all work to provide for your customers, CSA, and local community. Let’s show them its more than putting food on a shelf in the grocery store. Show the blood, sweat, tears, waking up before the sunrises working past sunset, helping a new momma by assisting the birth. The love and compassion that goes into raising these animals, the soil pressed to your tired hands that help grow your food. Let’s show the world your passion and why you do what you do for the people who support you.

I offer a variety of packages that will help with any of your needs. Email me to find out more information.

Local? Awesome! Need me to travel? Heck ya, I do that too. Message me and we can chat about a custom package for your needs.

Families Who Farm


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